Fence Post Replacement

The posts on this customers fence had rotted through at the base making the fence unstable.

We replaced the three middle posts using 100 x 100mm tanalised timber to sure the structure up.

We had to take down the fence in it’s entirety to replace these posts so it was the perfect opportunity to do a little maintenance too.

  • All posts painted
  • All panels were sprayed too
  • A mesh netting was added to the rear of the panels to hold back the growth of the neighbours plants.

With the upgrade of the rotten 3×3 posts to the new 4×4 posts and treatment of all the timber, this customer has a solid fence using their existing panels that will last for years to come.

The next project here is to add some cobble sets to create either a stoned area or a planting area in front of the new fence.

Looking forward to the next fence!

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