Utility Room Low Pitch Roof Replacement

The roof on this utility room extension had been in place since its construction in the early 90s. It had seen much better days and was beginning to fail.

The low pitch created a bit more of a challenge than usual as a water resistant sub-roof had to be constructed to take any water that may work its way under the tiles.

I removed the old roof including all the guttering and fascia boards and built it back up again whilst trying to manufacture extra pitch through the use of additional timbers.

To modernise this roof we added

  • Breathable membrane
  • Dry verge
  • Lead alternative flashing
  • Modern tiles to match those on the main roof of the house
  • New fascia boards painted gloss black
  • New guttering
  • Re direction of the down pipe

In addition to the roof, for this customer, I also removed an old sky dish, straightened and painted the soil stack, changed the position of a security light, repointed various areas of brick work, varnished the garage fascia boards and added some timbers in the garage to hang garden tools.

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